Copy Will Make-or Break-Your Business

Placeholder ImageEvery business in the world today is focused on the “click that converts,” and rightfully so.

You want your business to come up near the top of the page when someone searches online.  You want the person who views your entry on a Google search result to click on that link to your website.  You want those Facebook and Instagram posts to generate traffic for your site.  You want that Google+ or LinkedIn profile to inspire connections with others who may need your services.

But how do you turn those searches, clicks, traffic, and connections into actual customers?  What is the secret to actually profiting from all the time and work that goes into creating an attractive  website or appealing social media profile?  How do you get those visitors to stick around your web page long enough to click the “Buy Now” button?

Great Copy!

I kinda gave it away in the title… great copy is most often the missing element in getting those clicks converted into customers!  No matter what vehicle you use to reach your audience, copy– great copy- is what will set your ad, tweet, blog post, or article apart from all the others.  If your copy is boring or doesn’t grab that visitor quickly, they’re not going to stick around to find out what a great product you have to offer.

Great Copy Does 4 Things for you

  1. Great copy reveals the nature of your business to prospects.  It assures him that he is in the right place, that your business can provide what he has been looking for!
  2. Great copy engages your prospect in a manner that emphasizes his need without creating resistance to a “hard sell!” No one wants to be sold, but they want to make a purchasing decision.
  3. Great copy recognizes your customer’s pain and identifies with it- then shows him how you can help relieve his pain!  That’s why he needs your business, and your product.
  4. Great copy leads your prospect to some kind of action!  There is always some sort of response request for him- make a purchase, click on a link, sign up for an email or newsletter, take a quiz, or share with friends.  Small commitments lead seamlessly to bigger ones.

Of course there are more things that great copy can do for your business- I have listed just a few web-specific ones here.  This is why a good copywriter is like money in the bank for you.  Someone who is trained in the art of persuasive copywriting, who is practiced in framing money-making sales letters and web pages that get results, can turn an average web site into a great one.  A web site that gets more traffic, more shares, and more sales!

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